Solvent-based Inks – Series EH, DZ-HOKO, PC, DZ-NT, and DE-2K

Our solvent-based inks for the indirect printing of food packaging comply with the CEPE guideline “Guide to Materials and Substances for Exclusion from Printing Inks and Related Products” and the EC Directive 2002/72/EC. We provide solutions for plastics (Series DZ-NT, DE-2K, and PC), adhesive tapes (Series EH, DZ-HOKO, and PC), and sausage casings (Series DZ-NT and DE-2K) with high gloss intensity, color strength, and excellent printing behavior. The products are characterized by high solvent release, low sensory values, and excellent resistance. Our range of tape colors is complemented by a wide range of special colors (Pantone, RAL) and effect colors (e.g., metallic effect or fluorescent colors) available from a minimum order quantity of 10 kg.

High gloss, high color strength and very good print behavior.
Very good solvent release and extremely low sensory values.

Detailed technical information and safety data sheets for all our products are available on request.