Test Ink 38 Dyne

Test the surface tension of pretreated plastics with our Test Ink 38 dyne – LT 01649. This test ink allows precise verification of surface tension after the pretreatment of plastics like PP and PE. It is suitable for corona, plasma, and primer pretreatment, as well as pretreatment with gas flaming. Success can be immediately recognized by a closed ink film, necessary adjustments can be deduced from the beading effect. Unlike many other test inks, the test result can be permanently read, so test samples can be stored for documentation. It is also available in smaller quantities and can be obtained directly from printec with a minimum order quantity of 1 liter. The practical marker (5 ml) is also available as an easy-to-use test tool that has proven itself thousands of times in daily use by film manufacturers and printing companies.

Our test ink is only suitable for 38 dyne and is only available in red.
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