Primer and Adhesion Promoters: The Bond that Holds

In the world of furniture manufacturing, our primers and adhesion promoters play a crucial role. Serving as a bridge between materials and adhesives, they enable reliable adhesion on challenging surfaces, whether it’s edge banding or the use of 3D laminate foils.

Our team of experts understands the challenges in wood processing and has developed products that optimize the use of PVC, PP or ABS as edge banding or films for furniture components.

What sets us apart is our strict adherence to legal regulations and industry standards. We offer NEP-, NMP-, pyrrolidone-, and toluene-free solutions that meet the highest requirements.

Adhesion promoters, also known as „primers” or „chemical bridges,” create a stable connection between the material and adhesive, ensuring optimal adhesion, even on surfaces with increased demands on moisture and temperature resistance.

We rely on highly dispersed silica to maximize surface enlargement and permanently anchor the adhesive. This not only guarantees long-lasting adhesion but can also delay aging processes and significantly increase the durability of surface finishes.

Our products are tailored to various substrates such as PVC, ABS, PP, or PET and provide solutions for edge bands and furniture foils. With liquid delivery forms in buckets, hobbocks, drums, and IBC containers, we ensure that you can smoothly and efficiently carry out your projects.

Discover the world of adhesion promoters and primers at printec – we create bonds that hold.

Efficient Cleaning Solutions for Flawless Surfaces and Production Processes

Optimize your cleaning processes with our highly effective cleaning agents. Our selection includes cleaning agents for the removal of adhesive and paint residues, as well as universal foam sprays for gentle cleaning of various surfaces. Additionally, we offer Printaclean Bio, a cleaning solution developed to remove polymer residues and emission deposits during mold and extruder screw maintenance. Furthermore, we have RL-0002, an aqueous cleaner for cleaning anilox rollers and machine parts, as well as our innovative Printaclean PUR adhesive cleaner, which eliminates the need for conventional cleaning systems, saving costs and production time. Discover our powerful cleaning solutions and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Long-Lasting Surface Protection with 1 LA 201 Hydrophobic Agent

Our versatile hydrophobic agent, 1 LA 201, provides long-lasting protection for your surfaces, shielding them from the effects of daily use. This highly effective agent fills fine irregularities on the surface, effectively preventing deposits and the penetration of moisture. Just 24 hours after application, 1 LA 201 begins its protective action, significantly extending the lifespan of your surfaces. Our products are available in various forms, including a handy pen (20g) and fluid in canisters of 0.9l, 5l, and 20l.


The sealing pen is perfect for well-known furniture parts. Remove the cap, attach the pen sponge, and apply the agent. After use, close the pen. The applied hydrophobic agent should sit for 24 hours.

The fluid can be applied to edges, wood-based materials, and solid wood panels. Soak a microfiber cloth and wet the surface. Alternatively, spray the fluid and spread it with a cloth. After about 15 seconds, remove excess material. Curing is possible at up to 80°C.

In fully automated edge banding systems, use precision nozzles for application. An optimal spray width is about five millimeters. The treated parts can be processed immediately, increasing efficiency in your operation. Trust 1 LA 201 to protect your surfaces from wear and moisture and maximize their longevity.


Detailed technical information and safety data sheets for all our products are available on request.