Water-based Inks – AD-2K, WK

Our solvent-free, water-based 2K base color systems are excellent for flexo printing on polyamide sausage casings, polyester, cellulose fibrous casings, shrink bags, and lid foils. We also offer overprint lacquers, gold and silver inks, and custom colors. Available in 5 kg / 10 kg buckets.
Our WK series is the top choice for leading tape printers seeking the highest quality and efficiency in printing paper adhesive tapes and wet adhesive tapes. With high color strength, excellent color fidelity, and outstanding coverage on various paper qualities, the WK series delivers impressive printing results. Its good printability, easy cleaning of anilox rollers and clichés, and excellent re-solubility during press downtime make it the ideal choice for demanding tape printers. The WK series also offers excellent scratch and abrasion resistance and is compatible with water- and alcohol-resistant photopolymer and rubber clichés.

Detailed technical information and safety data sheets for all our products are available on request.