Liquid Inks – Series 90

Our liquid inks, consisting of organic and inorganic pigments in phthalate-free plasticizers, are ideal for coloring plastics such as PU, ABS, PP, PVC, and PMMA in the extrusion process or injection molding. They are largely odorless, offer high color intensity, excellent lightfastness, and are temperature-stable up to over 250°C. A wide range of inorganic and organic pigments allows for the creation of various colors with the highest accuracy. Pigment paste is added near the granulate feed during extrusion and can be controlled by weight or volume measurement. Available in 10 kg / 25 kg buckets, 100 kg / 200 kg drums, or 500 kg / 1000 kg IBC containers.

Detailed technical information and safety data sheets for all our products are available on request.