Liquid Inks – Series 90


Liquid Inks – Series 90 Our liquid inks, consisting of organic and inorganic pigments in phthalate-free plasticizers, are ideal for coloring plastics such as PU, ABS, PP, PVC, and PMMA in the extrusion process or injection molding. They are largely odorless, offer high color intensity, excellent lightfastness, and [...]

Solvent-based Inks – Series EH, DZ-HOKO, PC, DZ-NT, and DE-2K


Solvent-based Inks - Series EH, DZ-HOKO, PC, DZ-NT, and DE-2K Our solvent-based inks for the indirect printing of food packaging comply with the CEPE guideline "Guide to Materials and Substances for Exclusion from Printing Inks and Related Products" and the EC Directive 2002/72/EC. We provide solutions for plastics [...]

UV Inks – Series 30 and 70


UV Inks - Series 30 and 70 Our UV inks are suitable for surface printing and reverse printing. They cure emissions-free, preventing solvent vapors in production. Our UV inks offer consistent quality, minimal dot gain, and excellent printing performance. Available for plastics (Series 70) and sausage casings (Series [...]

Test Ink 38 Dyne


Test Ink 38 Dyne Test the surface tension of pretreated plastics with our Test Ink 38 dyne - LT 01649. This test ink allows precise verification of surface tension after the pretreatment of plastics like PP and PE. It is suitable for corona, plasma, and primer pretreatment, [...]

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